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Elegant Design Specialty

Elegant, functional, budget-focused design is our main objective and our specialty. We seek only the best from ourselves so we can deliver the best for our clients. #AECUtah #CMAServices #UtahArchitects #DesignArt #ExcellentDesign

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CMA Master Planning Experience

The CMA team has extensive experience master planning properties. We have a critical understanding of how important this first step is to a successful building project. From large developments to individual project sites, we do it all. #CMAServices #Masterplan #UTArchitectureFirms #UtahArchitects #UtahPlanning

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CMA Interior Design

Interiors leave the most longstanding impression of a building’s quality. At CMA, we are careful and deliberate in designing our projects’ interior spaces, achieving the most optimal comfort and enjoyment. #CMAServices #OutstandingService #InteriorDesign #InteriorDesignUtah #DesignArt #Design #DesignEverything

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Protecting our Clients’ Liability – Designs that Comply with All Applicable Codes In our last blog post, we highlighted the building codes that govern design and construction. Building codes are complex and constantly changing. Not having the knowledge of the latest code and zoning regulations can result in project delays, major headaches, and liability for […]

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We Design with Sustainability in Mind

At Curtis Miner Architecture, we design with sustainability in mind. No design choice is an environmentally careless one, and every building is built with sustainable materials to be energy-efficient and have a low carbon impact.

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Knowledgeable and Informed Design Includes Building Code Expertise When it comes to architecture, the untrained eye may not fully grasp the complexity of a building’s design and site considerations, or the complex building codes that regulate many of the design details of a finished facility. Curtis Miner Architecture (CMA) is an award-winning architectural firm, known […]

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CMA Services

With design, we emphasize elegance, functionality, and budget-focused approaches, bringing both our clients’ visions and our best ideas from our project teams into light. #Design #CMAServices #OutstandingService #UtahArchitects #DesignArt #DesignEverything 

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Site Entitlements: A Vital Process for Project Development

Helping Utah Development through the Legal Approval Process While investing in and developing a project can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be a risky prospect. Resources must be invested long before a return on those investments is realized, and the entitlement process is fraught with potential setbacks and even the risk of failure. Given […]

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