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CMA Voted Best Commercial Architect in Provo

We are honored to be included in GC Magazine’s list of the Best Commercial Architects in Provo. We work hard to continue to be worthy of the recognition we receive. #AECUtah #CommercialDesign #CommercialArchitecture #ThankYou  Click here to see the article.

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Micro Focus Has a New Computer Lab

Micro Focus needed a space to run simulations and tests for software. We converted existing office space into a computer lab, with specialized walls and upgraded power infrastructure to cool the computers and equipment. #CommercialArchitecture #OfficeDesignUtah #AECUtah #CommercialDesign 

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Canopy 4 is Updated

We gave Canopy 4 a new exterior and interior, focusing on an open concept with an industrial aesthetic to appeal to any client walking through. #CommercialArchitecture #AECUtah #CommercialDesign #InteriorDesignUtah 

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Groove Entertainment’s Catching Storefront

The Groove Entertainment Technologies Office Building’s sleek, modern exterior will be built in a combination of metal panels, brick, glass curtain walls, and aluminum storefront—a catching front for an adept and professional business! #CommercialArchitecture #CommercialDesign #CommercialInteriorDesign #OfficeDesignUtah #OnTheBoards CoreDesignStudio Groove Entertainment Project Engineering Consultants PVE Inc. Spectrum Engineers Dynamic Structures 

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