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Municipal Architecture Attention to Detail

CMA’s current and past municipal project experience thoroughly qualifies our architecture with attention to detail and a diversity of structures well-designed to fit within the community. #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #PoliceStationDesign #FireStationDesign #AECUtah 

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Public Safety Specialists

We’ve worked with the public safety sphere for a long time, and are happy to show our appreciation for their workers this Public Service Day! Whether we’ve been your architects or not, thank you! #FireStationDesign #PoliceStationDesign #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #PublicServiceDay

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Mapleton Public Safety – Police, Fire & EMT

The Mapleton City Public Safety Building was built to encompass their police, fire, and EMT departments perfectly while complementing their existing Mapleton City Center as well. As with all our work, we can safely call this one a success! #FireStationDesign #PoliceStationDesign #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture #MapletonCityPublicSafetyCenter

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Lindon Public Safety – Fire and Police

We built the Lindon Public Safety building to include both fire and police stations, all while communicating closely with the Lindon City admins and building officials and the Orem City Fire Department leadership team. #LindonUT #FireStationDesign #PoliceStationDesign #PublicArchitecture #PublicSafetyArchitecture @lindoncity

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