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Varied Unit Types for Coyote Creek Community

For the Coyote Creek community, CMA developed a variety of unit types at several price points that would meet both permanent residents’ and travelers’ needs—perfect for the St. George metropolitan area, which is known for its retirees and vacationers. #MultiFamilyHousing #UtahArchitecture #AECUtah #UtahArchitecture

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Senior Living Facility Needs

Senior Living facilities require a nuanced understanding of diverse tenant needs and the necessary services they are provided. CMA understands and exacts the perfect structures for a smoothly running facility. #SeniorLivingArchitecture #UtahArchitecture

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Groove Entertainment Headquarters is Complete

Groove Entertainment Technologies hired CMA to design a new 3-story, 43,000-SF headquarters. We created a facility that showcases their brand, accommodated staff, and provided meeting and demonstration space. #CommercialArchitecture #UtahArchitecture Groove Entertainment Technologies

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Built Works Corporate Office is Complete

The Built Works corporate office and production facility is complete! Built Works products use clean, simple ingredients in their “unbelievably healthy, ridiculously delicious” bars, which is reflected in the main entry design. Congratulations to the entire project team!

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Tuscan Villa Townhomes

We completed the Tuscan Villa Townhomes in Orem back in 2013 with 130 sturdy and elegant stone-and-stucco units. Their design reflects the beautiful high desert surrounding them with plenty of amenities to stave off boredom and the summer heat.

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A New Senior Drafter at CMA

Welcome to Zach Haws! A senior drafter, Zach draws upon a lifetime spent in residential construction to prepare construction documents and create 3D models. While new to CMA, coworkers and clients already value his ability to collaborate to solve problems and meet quick turnaround times.

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3D Printing: A Visual Aid for Outstanding Design Work

How 3D Models Benefit Designers, Clients, and Projects CMA continually seeks new and innovative ways to design structures. The use of 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology. It’s one we frequently utilize to create working, realistic models to bring a building to life. “The biggest benefit is being able to visualize the big-picture composition. […]

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From First Employee to Principal Architect: Kurt Mather

Congratulations to our newest Principal Architect, Kurt Mather! Kurt has been with CMA since the very early days in 2000. In fact, he was the first employee hired, to work on construction documents for our first project, American Heritage School. Kurt first became interested in drafting and architecture during his junior high and high school […]

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Dedication to the Craft: Merrill Roberts Promoted to BIM Specialist

Congratulations to Merrill Roberts for his recent promotion to BIM Specialist! Merrill has a long history of going above and beyond what’s expected to master the architectural craft. From getting to work early each morning to study BIM while in college, to continuing education in the Architectural Experience program, Merrill is truly a student of […]

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