Jacob Masih


Senior BIM Technician Jacob Masih is an energetic, enthusiastic, and personable up-and-coming professional with versatility, adaptability, and the aptitude to see the overall vision for any project. Jacob has a Bachelor of Architecture from Ball State University and is a quick learner with an inherent knack for rendering, animation, and envisioning overall project goals. His typical role on projects includes serving as a draftsperson on construction documents, facilitating design, and consulting on overall building development. To ensure project success, Jacob asks essential questions that lead to effective answers. His communication skills enable him to understand varying perspectives and facilitate his assessment of project challenges from multiple viewpoints and with unique solutions.

Did you know?

When Jacob isn’t busy with projects, he enjoys mixing and producing music, playing the guitar and piano, story writing, and graphic design. He has traveled all around the United States, including multiple cross-country adventures, and has lived in places ranging from California to New York.

Welcome to our New Senior BIM Technician

Senior BIM Technician Jacob Masih works as a draftsperson, facilitates design, & consults on overall building development—all with energy, enthusiasm, & personable professionalism. We’re grateful to have him! #CMATeam #CMAFamily #MeetOurTeam #Welcome #BIM

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