Infomercials Studio

A new sound studio, two-story building designed with inspiration from the owner while on a vacation in Brazil. The saw tooth blue glass bays and red granite compliment each other and stand out from the I-15 corridor. The owner wanted a building to stand out and pop as individuals drive by.

Most importantly sound was a key driver in the design of the floor, wall, ceiling, structural system, and mechanical system. the exterior has an industrial look while
the interior has a residential feel so that any place in the building can be used as a backdrop for infomercials filming.

The studio includes a large sound stage, filming kitchen, small sound stage, camera storage, dock staging area, green room, dressing rooms, focus group with
observation area, office space, large spacious conference and waiting areas, sound editing, dubbing, spaces and support spaces. The waiting area captures your eye with the grand curving stair, balconies, high coffered ceilings and fireplace. This building design will serve the users as well to film and record infomercials.

  • Date : 2012
  • Client : Infomercials
  • Construction Cost : $4,500,000
  • Size : 32,520 SF
  • Location : Springville, Utah
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