US Synthetic Building 1 Remodel

US Synthetic, an industry-leading industrial diamond manufacturer, makes the long-lasting diamond cutters and bearings for applications in down-hole drilling tools. The company hired CMA for the remodel, tenant improvements, and interior design of their outdated 2-story office building in Orem, Utah. Working closely with the client, CMA determined the necessary remodels could occur over several phases, ensuring minimal disruption to the client and their manufacturing. Phase 1 included an update to the main lobby area, restrooms, hall and stairs on the main level. On the 2nd floor, a new conference room and serving area were added and restrooms were updated.

CMA updated the lobby, stairway and upstairs conference area with a new cohesive, modern look that reflects the high-tech nature of their company and creates a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for their guests and employees.

The original lobby was small and had low ceilings, and the flow from the different spaces was not very efficient for guests. CMA designed a distinctive ceiling that felt more inviting with its high-tech aesthetic without losing any ceiling height. We removed an under-utilized copy room to create a corridor straight back to the restrooms and around to the main stairs, increasing the efficiency of the flow for guests and employees alike and making the lobby larger. The upstairs small conference room and two adjacent offices were removed to accommodate a new large conference room with an efficient attached catering room.

Early in the process, CMA’s interiors team provided the client with many high-quality interior renderings of the space, helping them to more easily understand the design concepts and quickly determine which option they wanted.

  • Date : 2018
  • Client : US Synthetic
  • Construction Cost : $350,000
  • Size : 2,438 SF
  • Location : Orem, Utah
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